General Information


Camp Format with one all-inclusive entry fee for each horse/rider combo per show.  Fee includes trainer warmup, rider's classes and all fees).  Classes are judged with ribbons for 1st-8th place.

  • Fee for 1st camp (includes annual membership) in 2021: $400

    • Compares to $435 average per horse/ rider in 2019​

  • Fee (once annual membership paid) in 2021: $300 per camp

    • Compares to $305 average per horse/rider in 2019​

  • Leadline/Adaptive Riding Class: $25 per horse/rider

  • Stalls: $125  (in addition to camp fees above) ..additional information below.

This year we also are offering an Adaptive Riding class (limited to clients of an established adaptive riding program).  

Stalls may be reserved on a first come first served basis for an additional $125 by calling or texting Larry Lean at 310.293.0108.  The deadline for stall cancellation is 5:00 pm the Monday prior to show.